Aadi Anand

“I learnt a lot from the AppJamming Summit and really enjoyed it. It took me 2 weeks to prepare for my presentation. I did my preparation at home and also at First Code Academy campus. I think the most exciting part was winning a prize."

— Best App in Primary School Award


Anna Desfretier

“It was fun and challenging and I really enjoyed it. I learnt how to make a better poster and presentation. Now I know what the criteria are, I will definitely win next year."

— Best Presentation Award


Greg Sung

"They'll help a lot more kids to be able to get a foot into the door and that makes more kids have the superpower of coding,"

— CEO and Co-founder of OneSky

Charles Mok

“I think AppJamming allows them to understand the future logic of how things work. In addition to competing, actually I think they'll have some fun as well,”

Hong Kong Legislative Councillor (Information Technology Functional Constituency)