Our Goals

To inspire more children who are new to computer programming to give it a shot and to provide a platform for young talents to showcase their amazing creations to the world at AppJamming Summit. The world needs more inventors, and each invention starts small.

Why should I join ?

"Do things, tell people." In this tech-powered world, we believe the leaders of tomorrow are creators, people who are not just able to obtain information but to use it systematically and creatively. Join AppJamming Summit to share your ideas with the community, learn from your peers, inspire others to be Creators with Technology. Every effort deserves to shine.


Aadi Anand

“I learnt a lot from the AppJamming Summit and really enjoyed it. It took me 2 weeks to prepare for my presentation. I did my preparation at home and also at First Code Academy campus. I think the most exciting part was winning a prize."

— Best App in Primary School Award


Anna Desfretier

“It was fun and challenging and I really enjoyed it. I learnt how to make a better poster and presentation. Now I know what the criteria are, I will definitely win next year."

— Best Presentation Award


Greg Sung

"They'll help a lot more kids to be able to get a foot into the door and that makes more kids have the superpower of coding,"

— CEO and Co-founder of OneSky

Charles Mok

“I think AppJamming allows them to understand the future logic of how things work. In addition to competing, actually I think they'll have some fun as well,”

Hong Kong Legislative Councillor (Information Technology Functional Constituency)