Viridi Vita

Winner of AppJamming Summit 2018, Chloe Kusuma and Emily Tan from Singapore, developed Viridi Vita, an app aimed to inspire environmental awareness and encourage recycling projects.  Users sign up for an account from which they can add other real life users as friends, trade materials, earn points to grow and build their virtual garden. “The target audience for my app app is the children, teenagers and even young adults who appreciate a venue where they can collaborate with their friends, and would enjoy doing recycling projects in real life. ” 



Sea Cleaner

Angel Anlee, from Indonesia was the first runner up of Appjamming Summit 2018. She created Sea Cleaner, a simple yet addicting game where the player has to clean up the polluted sea before the pollution harms the sea environment and kills all the fishes living there. "As we know, there are many pollutants in the sea that kills sea lives. Based on this fact, it inspired me to create this game to show how hard it is to clean up polluted seas and invite people to take care of our environment"



Recycle Hero

Recycle Hero is a entertaining game app where the player collecting a variety of resources to recycle them and build and upgrade your own home! Each upgrade to the player's house is random from a range of artwork created by themselves. The many colourful resources and artworks as well as the replayability of their game has earned Jaehoon Jung and Ryan Lee the Most Creative Award.  


Water Pollution Game

Joohun Kim and Jisang Chung clinched the Most Popular App award in AppJamming Summit 2018. Their app, the "Water Pollution Game" is actually an app that is composed on multiple features. This includes mini games, and true and false quizzes to learn and have fun as well as practical functions such as the shower timer to track how long you showered and how much water you have used. 






Winner of the Best Presentation Award of AppJamming Summit 2018 goes to Team Giraffe, composed of Midori, Toby and Guilia. Their app, LOG, is a daily habit tracker app focusing on acts that help sustainability in real life. In the app, there are multiple functions including logs to help users keep track and maintain daily habits, as well as daily sustainability challenges to encourage additional acts in real life.