To build a community of young coders who share the same passion for app making.


About AppJamming Summit  

AppJamming Summit (AJS) was created with the vision to encourage more young people to become Creators with Technology. Started in 2014, the event has built a community of young coders equipped with programming and presentation skills. For over three years, AJS has engaged over 400+ students in Asia and has become a movement in Shaping Future Creators. 

Exciting stuff

Past triumphs from AppJamming Summits include apps that allow people with special needs, disabilities or pregnant women to locate elevators nearby, environment-focused apps that reduce food wastage by keeping track of grocery expiry dates, even a digital memory repository for parents to store precious moments of their children.



Year of Launch – 2014
City – Hong Kong

2019 Teams – 400+
2019 Finalists – 20
2019 Finals Livestream Viewers – 3000+
2019 Winner – Language Pop

2018 Teams – 150+
2018 Finalists – 20
2018 Finals Livestream Viewers – 1000+
2018 Winner – Viridi Vita

2017 Teams – 120+
2017 Finalists – 15+
2017 Audience –  200+
2017 Winner – FitnessSense

2016 Finalists – 30+
2016 Winner – All Access




Why should I join ?

"Do things, tell people." In this tech-powered world, we believe the leaders of tomorrow are creators, people who are not just able to obtain information but to use it systematically and creatively. Join AppJamming Summit to share your ideas with the community, learn from your peers, inspire others to be Creators with Technology. Every effort deserves to shine. 

AppInventor by MIT Media Lab

App Inventor is the ultimate AppJamming power tool. The open-source app maker is the creation of the MIT Media Lab's Center for Mobile Learning. With its revolutionary approach of building Android Apps using visual, blocks-based language, you can take big ideas and easily turn them into reality.

Idea and Creativity by You

AppJamming Summit is where creativity and technology collide. It's where sparks fly, it's about identifying inspiration from daily life, exploring and developing ideas, refining concepts and enabling the creation of innovative digital prototypes. Just bring a creative mindset and get set to AppJam!

Community by Everyone

AppJamming Summit brings together passionate and talented young coders around the region, encouraging the community to share ideas and collaborate to create new innovative solutions. We can tackle community problems with collaborative input, crowd-sourcing exciting ideas.