This year's theme is ...

Health & Fitness

Browse through our app gallery for some inspirations:


Dr. ABC is a simple checklist app that contains information on what to do on a medical emergency. It is designed for maximum efficiency and sense of direction in a bad situation. It also features a direct button to dial 999.

Screen Shot 2016-10-06 at 11.25.36 PM.png

Mario Olympics 

Mario Olympics is a fun app which combines the function of pedometer with the engagement of a virtual character. Every single step you take helps move your character in the game!

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Tilt Bowling

Tilt Bowling is an app created for users who love to play bowling! Tilt your phone to start bowling, simple as that :) Make sure you also avoid the obstacles!

Adventure Trainer

People like to travel, but may not be fit or have an itinerary. This app provides workouts with video tutorials and recommends travel destinations and gym. Now you can travel and be fit at the same time!