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Prize-winning apps below. 

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Winner of AppJamming Summit 2017, Yong Saan Cern from Malaysia, developed a personalized fitness training app, Fitness Sense, which tracks users' performances by storing the data into cloud Google Fusion table. The app has four different exercises for people from different age group. The target audience for my app are for all ages. I hope my app can encourage more people to exercise. ” Yong shared. FitnessSense was also the winner of Best App in primary division.



My Little Slug

Justin Lee, 10, from Kellett School was the first runner up of Appjamming Summit 2017. He created My Little Slug, a adventure game which allows users unlocking features by walking more, to raise children's awareness on their physical health. "It has taken me roughly 3 months to make this app and I have put in a lot of effort to be here. I chose to make this app for children as our childhood is the foundation of our health and education."

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fitt. is a personalized workout app that customizes workout plans for users wutg different goals. Its user friendly interface and wide range of exercises has earned Forrest, Lok Wa and Walden the Best App (Secondary School) and the Most Popular Award. The team from Renaissance College Hong Kong shared their 3 keys to success, "While we are delighted to win 2 prizes in the competition, we wouldn't have come this far without teamwork, ongoing debugging and feedback."


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Lucas Yam, 10, clinched the Most Creative App award in AppJamming Summit 2017. Unlike many other participants who developed apps focusing on physical health, he made an personal companion app which actually take cares of users' mental health. "I want to help people who are depressed or too shy to talk to others. Let them express themselves and relax. It aims to be the user’s personal buddy who is available anywhere anytime.



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Pedosa® Lifestyle

Winner of the Best Presentation Award, Jordan Fung, student of Cheung Sha Wan Catholic Secondary School designed an all-in-one app which takes care of users' health in various ways: Smart Home, Workout Tracker, Nutrition Analyser and one-click emergency.