AppJamming Summit 2016

Witness over 15+ young developers from Hong Kong and Singapore compete and become this year's AppJamming Grand Winner. The champion will have the chance to WIN A TRIP and be part of the MIT Inventor Summit 2016 in Boston, U.S. 

An App Development Competition like no other.

      Theme: My Dream Home | Category: Games/ Applications
      Technology has become and is becoming an important part of our daily lives - we face multiple screens, interact with different apps simultaneously                   and communicate with people online everyday. In an effort to combine technology and households together, this year’s AppJamming theme is My                   Dream home. We want to inspire young app makers to imagine their dream home with technology being the forefront in enhancing life inside and                   outside the house.


App by App Inventor


App Inventor is the ultimate AppJamming power tool. The open-source app maker is the creation of the MIT Media Lab's Center for Mobile Learning. With its revolutionary approach of building Android Apps using visual, blocks language lets you take big ideas and turn them into reality easily.

Idea & Creativity by You


AppJamming Summit is where creativity and technology collide, it's where sparks fly. It's the process of identifying inspiration from daily life, explore and develop the idea, refine the concept and enable the creation of innovative digital prototypes.

Community by Everyone


AppJamming Summit brings together passionate and talented coders around the region and encourage the community to share ideas and collaborate to create new innovative solutions. We can tackle community problems with community input collaboratively.